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Saturday 1st February 2014 – featuring Black Scarr


Acoustic guitar-driven, fiddle-splashed, harmony-filled, lovely London folk music!  Black Scarr is a duo comprising Johnny Black and one of our regular floor spot performers and favourite lyricists Emma Scarr.  Here’s a bit about them from their website:

East London singer-songwriters Johnny Black and Emma Scarr  have embarked upon a very exciting duo adventure. Their fondness for a good old fashioned styled duet’s has inspired them to write some up to date songs for our times, and their place – Walthamstow, leytonstone, and not very much further beyond. Their distinctive voices, instrumental styles and mix of hard-hitting (his) and understated but plain-spoken (hers) writing have produced a set of songs that are musically striking and lyrically captivating.

There will also be floor spots as usual, so come along and sing a song! With or without an instrument, traditional or original. Or read a poem. Or do a dance.

Doors 7.30pm, music starts at 8pm. Come along at 7.30pm to put your name down for floor spots. Entry is £3, all the door money goes to the guest act.

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